• Yes/turkey and chicken.  Make sure to remove skin, fat and bones.  White meat is best.
  • Yes/potatoes.  Careful with what may be in mashed potatoes.  No butter, onions, garlic, gravy, sour cream
  • Yes/cranberry sauce.  Keep it to small amount because of the sugar content.
  • Yes/popcorn.  Air popped corn without butter or salt makes a great treat in moderation.
  • Yes/plain green beans
  • Yes/apples but NO apple core or seeds.  Apple seeds contain a small amount of arsenic – the same thing found in rat poison
  • No/chocolate.  It is toxic to dogs and cats and can kill them.
  • No/alcohol.  It’s toxic to animals.  Careful  on foods that may contain alcohol like fruit bread
  • No/grapes or raisins.  They are toxic and can cause kidney failure
  • No/onions, garlic, leeks, scallions.  Can lead to toxic anemia.

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4 thoughts on “10 GOOD AND BAD TREATS FOR DOGS

  1. I have two Pointers, Ruby (Dark), Crystal (white), both girls have pure chocolate heads. I firstly called them my little GEMS! Now they are 5 month old and I love to call them the POINTER SISTERS!!! Get It? Huh? lol Anyways, my girls also love carrots. And, they receive lots of vitamins from them…. 🙂

  2. Our girls love carrots. I don’t know if it is the sweet taste or the crunch that makes the treat so enjoyable but I am happy to be able to give them a treat they enjoy that is good for them.

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