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  Simba and Gypsy are two very active GSPs.  As all GSP owners know, this breed must get all the exercise they need daily or your home will be a war-zone. It will also look like one as told by Simba.  I recently had a full hip replacement.  There was quite a bit of planning for this big occurrence in my life.  First of all, I had to finish fencing off the backyard for Gypsy.  Simba is well behaved and also more mature than Gypsy.  Gypsy is still only 7 months old and I can’t take the chance of her puppy brain taking over and deciding to explore more ground (especially the busy street in the front of the house).  As painful as it was, I finished the fencing.  The next item was installing a doggie door so that they could now go out without needing me to get up every 30 minutes to open the door (every 5 minutes for Gypsy who likes to be controlling/annoying at times).
Installing the doggie door should have only taken ten minutes.  However, once I opened up the wall this is what I found.  Electric wiring in my way, augh.IMG_3162doggie door problem #1

The project took a couple of hours of rewiring resulting with happiness and satisfaction.


It only took Gypsy a couple of days to get comfortable with going in and out of the doggie door by herself without coaxing.  Simba on the other hand is more apprehensive and always has been.  It took her about a week of going through the door with me holding it open, on my hands and knees on the opposite side of the door with my head through the door as I pleaded with her.  An entertaining  moment for my neighbors who don’t miss anything.

I am glad they have each other to play with.  They usually do a pretty good job wearing themselves out chasing each other around and wrestling like world champions. However, since I have returned from the hospital Simba won’t leave my side.  Gypsy still comes and goes and actually enjoys spending lots of time outdoors trying to find different escape routes.  Simba has always been very intuitive and knows something’s wrong; so there’s no playing or chasing each other around going on.  My son sent us the BazooK-9 that he purchased through Amazon.  What a fantastic and fun contraption, not only for the dogs but me too.  This shoots tennis balls across two rooms with the pull of the trigger and the best part is that you don’t have to bend down to pick the balls up.  All you do is push the barrel over the ball and it scoops it up. When the ball disappears into the barrel Simba just goes insane trying to figure out where it disappeared to all the while making a funny and dramatic whimper cry. Gypsy has never gotten the jist of fetching.  She likes chasing the ball and then prancing around with it in her mouth chasing Simba back and forth who does fetch and return the ball.  They both love it and are getting quite the exercise.  They love it so much that they don’t want to stop playing making Simba whimper for a while when it’s put away.

RIP Lucky

RIP Lucky


My feline brother past this morning.  It was a very sad time.  My human sister was sitting on the floor crying.  She loved him very much.  They were together for 18 years.  Mum ran back and forth between Lucky and my human sister.  I wanted to help make her feel better but mum pushed me out of the way and hugged her tight with tears rolling down both their faces.  I dedicate this poem to my human sister.

SCN_0048When tomorrow starts without meLucky's favorite pillow

Don’t think we’re far apart

For every time you think of me

I’m right here inside your heart.

Unknown author


My human brother wrote his own poem too with the hope to help make her feel better.

Human brother with Lucky

Lucky Sir Lucky had quite a lucky life

Our arrival at the pet pick-up was greeted with delight

He came home with a family but first had a stop

At the hospital where Zoe was given a shot

Onward bound and onward home

Where many adventures await

He was never alone

For his companions stayed near

And then came a new friend

Who is it, let me see

And out of the gloom appeared Nala

Who Lucky hissed at to show that he was angry

Over time they grew close

Lucky biting Nala’s neck

Trying to get through her fur coat

With Nala rolling her eyes saying “what in the heck”

Lucky’s a traveler!

From coast to coast

He puts on his sunglasses

Grabs his martini and coat

Off on the plane, he went to live with pops

Decided Utah wasn’t his thing

And called a new shot

To return to the East

To finally defeat

His old friend, his old foe, the beast

Only when he arrived

A tear met his eye

Nala was not there

Nala was not in sight

But Lucky had Zoe!

The best of best friends

He’s been on the internet!

Through Snapchat with friends

Lucky and Zoe were pals

Hanging out every night

He grew skinny and meowed

But was happy and snuggled tight

Now Lucky has moved on

Oh what a life he has lived

He’s had the best friends and family

But never any kids!

Raise up a glass

Hold it strong and high

Cheers to YOU Lucky!

As you look down on us from the sky

Dog Speaks Before Baby

Dog Speaks Before Baby

Get Ready For Halloween


DOGGIE HALLOWEEN COSTUMEI know Simba gets very excited on Halloween.  If you take your pooch out at night make sure the costume, collar, and/or leash is reflective. Dogs can get spooked at night if approached by a masked individual. Know your dog and don’t put him in a bad situation where he might end up biting someone or trying to run away and get loose.  Simba loves going to doggie costume events in daylight. She is great around all kinds of other animals so I find Halloween events specifically for her.  She does not do well around young children or people dressed up in animal costumes like a big Clifford.  It spooks her and she barks like she is ready to devour them.  I don’t think she would but I’m not going to take the chance or put her through such an ordeal.  Therefore, I do not take her out on Halloween night when trick-or-treaters are out.  Also, please no candy for your pup especially chocolate!  Carry special treats for them in your pocket.  You can also carry healthy stuff like baby carrots, or Sweet potato Chews.   If you want to give out doggie treats to visiting dogs, check out our TREAT RECIPES?  A great idea for a pet costume is using an old stuffed animal.  If you have a stuffed animal about the size of your pup, cut along the underside (belly) from about 6″ from neck down.  Remove the stuffing and cut open the face mouth area to fit your pup’s head in.  You want the face and/or head portion of the stuffed animal to lay on your pup’s head as in Simba’s picture above.  The costume will lay over pup’s back, you can sew on some sort of tie or velcro under the chest area to keep the costume still.  Stay safe and keep your pet safe.






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Abandoning Family


Must watch all the way to the end.  Powerful video.

Dogs That Actually Drive

Dog’s That Actually Drive


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Bloggers have gone back and forth on the issue of do dogs experience menopause. According to veterinarians dogs cannot go through menopause because they don’t menstruate the same way as humans do. I found many posts of dog owner disagreeing with the professionals, for example these are from
• Since dogs don’t menstruate, they can’t have PMS. However, they do go through an estrus cycle, and their hormones change, which is what causes PMS symptoms in people, so I see no reason why it can’t effect dogs. Morgan had horrible heat cycles – she would get diarrhea, vomiting, mood swings, hot and cold flashes ~ she would shiver one minute, and be panting the next ~ she would pee more often, she would just kinda look blah. Pretty much the same symptoms that can occur with PMS.
• Well, dogs have hormones just like we do. Although I don’t think we can compare the symptoms between humans and canines…I believe that they are affected by their hormonal changes, just like we are.
• My 14 month old GSD is showing signs of coming into her second heat. She shows symptoms ranging from clinginess (is that a word?) all the way to downright obnoxious (PMS? I dunno, maybe). Also, one minute, she doesn’t feel good at all, just wanting to lay down; and the next she is bouncing around like normal.
• They can from what I understand have mood swings and be somewhat unpredictable during that time though.

Simba Up CloseThen we have Simba who is 8 years old. As I stated in my last couple of posts, her behavior has gone through some changes. She has had a couple of pee accidents, has become overprotective of me in an aggressive manner, has become even more clingy (if that’s even possible with GSPs), her anxiety level has increased, does not eat when I’m not home, she’s lost some muscle even though she exercises every day, wimps and whines as she sits in front of me just staring, wakes up several times a time to get out of the covers because she’s hot and then gets cold, is fatigued during the day and can fall asleep standing up and rip out truck sized snores and has become disoriented on two occasions where she went around to the front of the house to come back in instead of the back.
Now speaking from experience (unfortunately) if I compare her symptoms to my menopausal symptoms I would say she’s right on cue. How about it ladies? I know I can’t be alone when I say I would like to strangle these young girls who say to me “I can’t wait to go through menopause and not have a period”. Who want to gain weight and lose muscle even when you’re killing yourself working out? Who wants to be driving and suddenly forget where you were going or worse where you are? Who like to get up in the middle of the night to change because you’re soaked? Who wants to be laughing hysterically and suddenly burst out in tears? Who wants to suddenly turn into the Tasmanian devil without any warning? To all those 20 year olds, I say, “Enjoy your periods, it only gets worse.”
I have lost track; back to dogs (blame menopause). My conclusions are that although theyMenopausal Pair may not experience menopause or PMS in the human sense there are hormonal changes going on. I can attest that anything that hormones control can wreak havoc!
I found a great article on behavior changes in aging dogs They specify that aging dogs show a decline in several different functions. They can be cognitive and physical functions but they all will have repercussions on their behavior. For example, a loss in senses and awareness can cause sleep disturbances. Also, loss of memory can cause forgetting learned commands. These can also cause their anxiety levels to increase which in turn can cause more aggressive behavior, clinginess, or becoming less affectionate. It recommends always taking you dog to the vet first to makePlaying Frisbee sure there is nothing serious going on. They also mention there are medications available that can control some of the behavior like anxiety. They stress to keep your dog active with playful exercise and keep teaching him fun new tricks. For some ideas on new tricks you can go to  For more information on aging dogs the article I referenced above is full of great information.


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