RIP Lucky

RIP Lucky


My feline brother past this morning.  It was a very sad time.  My human sister was sitting on the floor crying.  She loved him very much.  They were together for 18 years.  Mum ran back and forth between Lucky and my human sister.  I wanted to help make her feel better but mum pushed me out of the way and hugged her tight with tears rolling down both their faces.  I dedicate this poem to my human sister.

SCN_0048When tomorrow starts without meLucky's favorite pillow

Don’t think we’re far apart

For every time you think of me

I’m right here inside your heart.

Unknown author


My human brother wrote his own poem too with the hope to help make her feel better.

Human brother with Lucky

Lucky Sir Lucky had quite a lucky life

Our arrival at the pet pick-up was greeted with delight

He came home with a family but first had a stop

At the hospital where Zoe was given a shot

Onward bound and onward home

Where many adventures await

He was never alone

For his companions stayed near

And then came a new friend

Who is it, let me see

And out of the gloom appeared Nala

Who Lucky hissed at to show that he was angry

Over time they grew close

Lucky biting Nala’s neck

Trying to get through her fur coat

With Nala rolling her eyes saying “what in the heck”

Lucky’s a traveler!

From coast to coast

He puts on his sunglasses

Grabs his martini and coat

Off on the plane, he went to live with pops

Decided Utah wasn’t his thing

And called a new shot

To return to the East

To finally defeat

His old friend, his old foe, the beast

Only when he arrived

A tear met his eye

Nala was not there

Nala was not in sight

But Lucky had Zoe!

The best of best friends

He’s been on the internet!

Through Snapchat with friends

Lucky and Zoe were pals

Hanging out every night

He grew skinny and meowed

But was happy and snuggled tight

Now Lucky has moved on

Oh what a life he has lived

He’s had the best friends and family

But never any kids!

Raise up a glass

Hold it strong and high

Cheers to YOU Lucky!

As you look down on us from the sky



GSP sleeping
Mum didn’t come home last night.  I slept in our bed all alone.  My human sister stayed home to let me out and feed me but she doesn’t sleep with me.  She sleeps with my feline brother.  Since he likes to play “Scratch my eyes out” I don’t like to go into their room.  When mommy isn’t home at night there are lots of weird noises that wake me up all night.  Today, I got so excited when I her mum’s car pull up on the feline brotherdriveway.  I know she doesn’t like me jumping on her but I just couldn’t help it.  I just wanted to touch her and tell her how much I missed her.  She bent down to give me a kiss at the same time I jumped up to give her a kiss.  BAM!  I don’t know why mum got upset.  Her nose couldn’t have hurt that much, after all, my head felt fine.  I ran out to help her unload the car when suddenly I caught the sweetest scent.  Wow, that must be what mum calls flowers.  She loves flowers.  I started to roll around in the scent so mum would want to Simba happycuddle with me and never let me go.  I rolled and rolled and rolled.  Back in the house mum asked, “What’s that smell?”  Then she did this funny thing picking up her feet one at a time real high to look at her shoes.  Why is she doing this?  The shoes were not new.  She wears them all the time.  Did she forget what they look like?  Mums can be funny sometimes.  Then she bent down towards me.  Here comes the hug and cuddling!  What?  What’s wrong?  Why isn’t she cuddling me?  She didn’t look happy either.  She took me outside and got me all wet with the water snake.  No!  It’s going to take the flower smell off!  Mum scratched and tickled me while holding the water snake over me.  I can’t understand why she kept repeating the word poop.  I didn’t have to poop right then.  But she would say it again and again.  I really didn’t have to poop.  I wonder why she thought I had to poop.  Yup, mums can be funny.




Mum decided she didn’t like the red brick fireplace in our new home.  First she cut the hearth in half with a really loud tool that had a spinning silver Frisbee in it.  For about an hour it looked like a volcano had erupted in our dining room.  I couldn’t see mommy but I could hear her behind a cloud of rest dust.  About an hour later our entire dining room, kitchen, and living room had turned the color of the brick.  Mum did not like the look of red brick on the fireplace and now she turned the whole house a red brick color.  Sometimes humans are hard to figure out.  Then she picked up this caveman looking hammer and started swinging at the brick.  Man she really hates that brick.  The whole house shook and the dining room chandelier blew red dust with every swing of the hammer.  I decided it was best not to help with this phase since mum did not look too happy.  However, the next day she sat calmly leveling the floor where the new hearth was going.  She was having so much fun playing in the wet sand that I jumped right in to help her.

pawprint p





She picked me right up and stuck me in the kitchen sinkpaws and bricks turning on the water.  What?  I didn’t want to play with water.  I don’t even like water.  I guess she wanted all the gooey sand fun to herself.  Mum did a great job with the fireplace.  I like it a whole lot better now too.






Mom put a squirrel in a knot-hole of our dining room ceiling.

Those furry little jumping beans out in the yard are not friendly at all.  Mommy calls them squirrels.  They love to tease me when I’m locked in the house.  I lay on our bed watching out of the big windows facing the backyard.  I know they see me watching as they bounce, prance, climb, and jump all through my backyard.  Thwatching squirrelsey go up and down our big tree and then they play these cool chase games where they chase each other’s tails around the tree.  I want to play too!  My squirrelneck gets sore from whipping it back and forth up and down trying to keep up with them.  In the morning, mommy just takes so long to get ready.  I whimper and pace around in circles trying to make her hurry.  “Hurry, hurry I want Continue reading


A Tree Growing In Our Car

Mommy was busy pulling plants out of the front yard.  I don’t understand her sometimes.  She brings home plants and digs them into the yard but then she spends all this time pulling plants out of the yard.  Does she want plants or not?  She calls them weeds.  They grow so nice and strong and they grow everywhere!  You would think she would be happy to have so many plants because then she doesn’t need to dig new ones into the dirt.  It must be a human thing.  Suddenly I look over at our car and… A TREE IS GROWING IN MY SEAT!  I can’t believe my eyes.  I slowly approach the open window spying for Tree In My Seatmovement.  No movement.  I cautiously raise myself up so I can see inside.  Yup it’s a tree growing in the car.  I try to alert mommy but she thinks I want to go for a ride.  “Not now.” she says as she continues to pull out plants.  She must not know about the tree growing in our car.  I needTree Still There her to look up!  I stay on guard at the car window making sure the tree doesn’t take the car for a ride and I keep wincing.  “Maybe later, I need to finish this up” she calls out without looking up.  I guarded the car standing on my hind legs for A Tree!what seemed like forever in doggie years (15 minutes in human time).  Then mommy Treefinally looked up wondering why I was being so stubborn and she started to laugh.  She said I was being silly as she walked over she didn’t seem alarmed to see a big tree growing in the car.  She opened the car door,Car Ride pulled it out and reassured me that it everything was okay.  I guess it must have been another weed.  Later that afternoon we finally went for a ride and my seat was weed free.  Thanks mom.







 When I was a little girl “puppy” mommy and I had a special ritual.  As I grew up mommy didn’t participate in our ritual anymore.  She probably thought I didn’t need it. I think she was just tired of running up the stairs, she’s not getting any younger.  When my human brother moved away and at the same time my human sister went off to college, mommy and I began our ritual again.  I was so sad when the house was left empty of their youth, fun and company that I would have accidents upstairs in the bedroom.  I think mommy wanted to help me feel happy again so she began the ritual and it worked.

dog sitterThe ritual stopped again after several months.  Now here I am 4 years later.  This past year has been quite stressful for me moving to a new house and having to learn new routines and rules.  I don’t know why but I had a pee-pee accident upstairs.  Mom looked a little disappointed when she got home from work but said that accidents do happen.  However, she did not have the same “Oh well” attitude the next day when she came home and found another pee-pee accident.  She decided that we needed to start our ritual again.  Yay!  I bet you want to know what our ritual is.  I have kept you in GSPsuspense long enough.  When mommy gets home from work I love to be there right by the door to show her how excited I am to see her. Then she says “Should we check upstairs?”  OMG! My insides or maybe it’s my heart just pound with excitement.  I jump and race her up the stairs.  She tries to beat me but I always win.  Sometimes as I’m squeezing past her between her legs, I get ahead.  Mommy can be quite clumsy at times and trips a lot when she is racing me.  I jump on the bed and begin to do a rodeo dance while I wait for mommy to stop rubbing her knees and elbows and meet me there.  I’m not sure what the rubbing knees is all about but maybe she thinks it’s good luck.  As she gets close, a big sunny smile fills the bedroom.  With her arms held up in the air, she tells me what a good girl I am.  In the middle of my jumping, bucking, and pouncing, I lunge up to give her a hug.  I stand on thHappinesse edge of the bed with both paws on her shoulder kissing her to the moon and back and she returns the hugs and kisses.  Sometimes we need to cut the hugs and kisses short because my lunge towards her ends up in a head-butt to her nose.  That’s mommy’s Achilles heel.  You know what?  No more pee-pee accidents!  It’s a magic ritual.  I hope mommy doesn’t get tired of racing up the stairs, or tripping on the way up, or getting her nose smashed into the back of her brain any time soon.  I love our ritual.




Dog's Christmas EveMy family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve.  Mommy says it’s a tradition in Argentina where my Caco is from.  I get to open my presents from Santa before all my woof friends do.  A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Santa was ahead of schedule, and suddenly one morning there were presents in my stocking.  I know because I nose knock it and could hear the crinklinTitig of wrapping paper inside it.  Mom hangs 7 stockings up on the fireplace.  I have no trouble knowing which one is mine and the second that there is something in it.  Call it a gift if you like.  Mom calls it “Too smart for my own good”.  Needless to say, for two weeks I have been bouncing my stocking with my nose, sitting there guarding it, begging mom for just one early present.  She is very strict about Santa’s wishes.  Well I got my perseverance from mom so when my Titi would come over, (she can’t say no because she loves me so much), I would drag her to my stocking wincing and whining.  From the other side of the house we would hear mom let out a stern “No” and it would ruin my entire act. How do moms do that?  She wasn’t even in the same room!  I think she has secret mind reading issues.  My best present?  Big human brother came home for Christmas!  I was so surprised and excited to hear his voice as he walked through the door, I almost Big Human Brotherpeed myself (I said, almost).  I was so happy he remembered our mind probe bonding moment which I miss so much.  This Christmas Eve my human sister brought my feline brother to open his present by the tree.  First of all, he wouldn’t even open it.  Sis had to open it for him.  What’s wrong with him?  Grinch felineThat’s the best part.  Crunching the paper, guessing what might be inside, the sound of paper tearing until the surprise is finally jumps out!  I was ecstatically opening my present when suddenly my feline brother wants in on it. “What?  Go away!  You had your chance!”  I just stared him down, but he was persistent and kept coming back to interrupt my joyful unwrapping.  Really?  Who does that?  I think he deserves coal next year.  I did not let the Grinch feline get in my way of having a wonderful Christmas Eve with my great family.  I played with all of my new toys repeatedly taking turns with them.  This always makes my mommy smile and I love my mommy’s smile.







song “You’ve Got A Friend” by Stacey Kent



going to park Mommy and Titi took me to a dog park last weekend.  We were meeting other humans with their dogs there.  We were all excited.  This was my first experience at a dog-park.  When we arrived there were two fenced in areas of the park with signs.  One side was for small dogs, under 30 pounds.  We went to the othegreeterr side because I weigh 55 pounds.  If you ask me they should have three parks because some of those big dogs were BIG!  We were greeted at the gate by the hostess dog.  We said our hello’s and I was off to greet all the humans standing around chatting.  Mommy kept telling me to go play.  I was trying but no human seem to want to play.  I turned around and saw mommy and Titi had walked away, too far for my comfort so I pranced over to them.  I made sure to stay close to them after that.  A few dogs came over to say hello but they had a funny way of doing it.  Maybe they’re what humans refer to as brown-nosers.  I GOING TO THE PARKdidn’t like that and kept my little stubby tail down as tight as I could.  There was a big dogsmommy that kept playing with her dog in a funny way.  She would start running to chase him yelling “NO HUMP, NO HUMP”.  I guess his name was No Hump.  He didn’t seem to want to play with his mommy.  He was too busy trying to dance with the other dogs.  I suppose that’s how dog dance.  I never tried it that way.  Mommy and I dance facing each other holding hands.  Titi wanted me to play so she threw my ball.  I started to chase it but out of the corner of my eye I saw a BIG dog going for it.  I gave up the chase and then was entertained watching mommy and Titi chasing the BIG dog with the ball.  Suddenly, three other BIG dogs come after me.  I ran, they ran, I ran faster, they ran faster, I ran around people and trees trying to lose them.  They were in cahoots with each other and split off trying to cut me off.  Mommy saw this and with a worried look called at the dog parkme over to her.  I saw my chance and flew over to her as fast as my legs would move.  She stood over me and protected me between her legs as she waved the Bigride home dogs away.  They knew mommy meant business so they backed away.  We decided to leave the ball behind and head out.  The car ride home was pleasantly quiet and but smelly.  Mommy asked Titi if I was releasing smelling puffs of air.  Titi said yes because those dogs scared the **** out of me.  I think she was blaming me for her puffs of air when all of a sudden Titi starts freaking!  She looked down and found dog poo smeared all over her shoes and the bottom of her pants.  A perfect ending to our first dog-park experience.



1157565_752873311452162_7674492395145416162_n Mommy and Titi took me on a great hike with other dogs hiking!  I met other friendly woofs.  Mommy and Titi also met lots of fun humans.  The car ride was a little long.  I kept asking if we were there yet?  Mommy and Titi misunderstood my whining and pulled the car over and let me out to poo.  What?  “No!  I want to get there already!  Why are we stopping?”  We finally got there but we missed the group because it was farther than we thought and somebody thought I had to poo (not pointing any fingers but it was actually not my fault).  It was a beautiful day so I was happy that mommy decided to do the hike on our own anyhow.  Five minutes into the hike at Chickies Overlook we ran into a group of people with other woofs.  Good luck was on our side.  This was our group so we joined them.  I was so excited!  I went up to each and every woof (Sammy, Jazzy, and Peanut) and greeted them personally.  They were as excited as I was and friendly too.  Mommy let me off the leash because she knows how much I love to run up and back the trail.  However, every time I would run back to the group, Peanut (the smallest woof there)  would growl and snap at me.  I’m not sure if he wanted to play or just being, actually not sure what he was being.  I think he just wanted to play.  We had a wonderful day hiking with great humans and their woofs.  I hope we go again soon!