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1157565_752873311452162_7674492395145416162_n Mommy and Titi took me on a great hike with other dogs hiking!  I met other friendly woofs.  Mommy and Titi also met lots of fun humans.  The car ride was a little long.  I kept asking if we were there yet?  Mommy and Titi misunderstood my whining and pulled the car over and let me out to poo.  What?  “No!  I want to get there already!  Why are we stopping?”  We finally got there but we missed the group because it was farther than we thought and somebody thought I had to poo (not pointing any fingers but it was actually not my fault).  It was a beautiful day so I was happy that mommy decided to do the hike on our own anyhow.  Five minutes into the hike at Chickies Overlook we ran into a group of people with other woofs.  Good luck was on our side.  This was our group so we joined them.  I was so excited!  I went up to each and every woof (Sammy, Jazzy, and Peanut) and greeted them personally.  They were as excited as I was and friendly too.  Mommy let me off the leash because she knows how much I love to run up and back the trail.  However, every time I would run back to the group, Peanut (the smallest woof there)  would growl and snap at me.  I’m not sure if he wanted to play or just being, actually not sure what he was being.  I think he just wanted to play.  We had a wonderful day hiking with great humans and their woofs.  I hope we go again soon!

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