German Shorthair Pointers



Today is my favorite day of the week, groceries day!  I don’t understand why mom doesn’t get excited about groceries.  She leaves the house as if she has to go shovel cow manure.  I would not mind going to the grocery store every single day.  It’s just so exciting, there’s always a surprise hidden in one of the bags.  I can’t control my enthusiasm.  I jump up and down and run circles around her trying to see the surprise inside the bags.  I race her to the car as she goes back for more bags.  I like to help her bring the grocery bags by sticking my head inside the bag and guide her to the front door.  Oh boy, I smell a treat surprise!  I can’t quite locate it.  Where is it? Is it in this bag?  Or this one?  Why is mom not helping?  What?  She’s making a cup of coffee!  Not now!  We need to get the perishables in the fridge!  Maybe if I offer my ball and sit looking so cute she’ll help.  Yup, that did it.  This week’s surprise; sweet-potato jerky, yummy!



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