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GSP sleeping
Mum didn’t come home last night.  I slept in our bed all alone.  My human sister stayed home to let me out and feed me but she doesn’t sleep with me.  She sleeps with my feline brother.  Since he likes to play “Scratch my eyes out” I don’t like to go into their room.  When mommy isn’t home at night there are lots of weird noises that wake me up all night.  Today, I got so excited when I her mum’s car pull up on the feline brotherdriveway.  I know she doesn’t like me jumping on her but I just couldn’t help it.  I just wanted to touch her and tell her how much I missed her.  She bent down to give me a kiss at the same time I jumped up to give her a kiss.  BAM!  I don’t know why mum got upset.  Her nose couldn’t have hurt that much, after all, my head felt fine.  I ran out to help her unload the car when suddenly I caught the sweetest scent.  Wow, that must be what mum calls flowers.  She loves flowers.  I started to roll around in the scent so mum would want to Simba happycuddle with me and never let me go.  I rolled and rolled and rolled.  Back in the house mum asked, “What’s that smell?”  Then she did this funny thing picking up her feet one at a time real high to look at her shoes.  Why is she doing this?  The shoes were not new.  She wears them all the time.  Did she forget what they look like?  Mums can be funny sometimes.  Then she bent down towards me.  Here comes the hug and cuddling!  What?  What’s wrong?  Why isn’t she cuddling me?  She didn’t look happy either.  She took me outside and got me all wet with the water snake.  No!  It’s going to take the flower smell off!  Mum scratched and tickled me while holding the water snake over me.  I can’t understand why she kept repeating the word poop.  I didn’t have to poop right then.  But she would say it again and again.  I really didn’t have to poop.  I wonder why she thought I had to poop.  Yup, mums can be funny.



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