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I have been researching what could be the possible reason that Simba has suddenly become over protective of me and what to do about it.  The first article I came across suggest that dog’s become over protective when do not respect their owner.  I was itchiesshocked, my dog doesn’t respect me!  The article stated that when a dog does not respect their owner they feel they have to take matters into their own paws and make decisions of what is best for you because they feel you can’t or don’t.  I thought about this and thought about when my kids were young and even through their teenage years and into young adulthood.  Some of you may be appalled that I am comparing my dog to my kids but I am trying to make a point so bear with me.  I believe that dogs just like children come with their own personalities/characters.  I have two children that have the completely opposite personalities.  German Shorthaired Pointers are known for losing focus (or better yet, re-focusing all of their attention on something that caught their fancy like a scent, squirrel, etc.  They will simba poopy perfumeignore your call as they’re honed in on whatever caught their attention.  It’s not that they were not trained or don’t know the consequences or don’t respect you enough to think that you will follow through with the consequences.  They make the choice that whatever they found is more exciting and are willing to deal with the consequences.  I call this a stubborn personality.  My son was born with this type S personality (sorry big guy).  When he was just a tot, whatever caught his eye he made the choice of following through with his exploration know very well what the consequence would be.  As a young tyke, he decided to pick up a crystal at grandma’s house.  I would take it from his hand and let him know he couldn’t touch.  He would look up at me and grab it again.  “He needs his hand slapped”.  Being a new mother, I listened.  That is when I realized that the crystal was more important to him than any punishment.  The only way that this reprimand was going to work was if I broke his hand off and that probably still would not have stopped him.  I learned the only way to break his stubborn focus was removing from it, and use a time-out.  He’s a fantastic young adult now.  He is still stubborn, probably gets that from me, but it did not stand in the way of him learning right from wrong, respecting me and knowing that there will always be consequences to his choices.  My daughter on the other hand is just as stubborn but I had to learn how to deal with it differently.  Time out did not work on her.  My son would walk to his room on his own when sent for a time to think (as I like to call it).  I would carry my daughter to her room and she would follow me out crying.  The only way to keep her in that room, was if I locked the door and I was not about to do that.  Anyhow, my point here is that children have different personalities and you need to find different ways to teach each one dog also have their own personalities.  Lucky me, Simba also has an S personality.  She needs structure and consistency.  With that being said, there are instances that she picks up a scent and decides to wonder over to the neighbor’s yard.  I can turn blue in the face calling out her name and she doesn’t even flinch.  It’s not because she doesn’t know the consequences or doesn’t respect me.  She just makes the choice that whatever has got her focus is SOOO worth it.  It’s not until I get within 5 feet of her that she respects me and cropped-cropped-cropped-SAM_0476-e1364705881501.jpgjets out like a bullet running into the house to put herself on time out.  She knows that she no longer can stay outside with me (which she loves) and she doesn’t get a treat when I come in.  I’ll walk into the house and she’ll be lying on her bed with her ears down looking like “What, I didn’t hear you”.  But also knows well enough not to ask for a treat which she does whenever we normally back into the house.  I wouldn’t call that disrespect so I’m off to do more research on why she has become so over protective and find a way to take care of it that will work with her S personality.  I’ll keep you posted.



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