Simba's Adventures



Mum decided she didn’t like the red brick fireplace in our new home.  First she cut the hearth in half with a really loud tool that had a spinning silver Frisbee in it.  For about an hour it looked like a volcano had erupted in our dining room.  I couldn’t see mommy but I could hear her behind a cloud of rest dust.  About an hour later our entire dining room, kitchen, and living room had turned the color of the brick.  Mum did not like the look of red brick on the fireplace and now she turned the whole house a red brick color.  Sometimes humans are hard to figure out.  Then she picked up this caveman looking hammer and started swinging at the brick.  Man she really hates that brick.  The whole house shook and the dining room chandelier blew red dust with every swing of the hammer.  I decided it was best not to help with this phase since mum did not look too happy.  However, the next day she sat calmly leveling the floor where the new hearth was going.  She was having so much fun playing in the wet sand that I jumped right in to help her.

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She picked me right up and stuck me in the kitchen sinkpaws and bricks turning on the water.  What?  I didn’t want to play with water.  I don’t even like water.  I guess she wanted all the gooey sand fun to herself.  Mum did a great job with the fireplace.  I like it a whole lot better now too.




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