A Dog’s Separation Anxiety and Boredom Buster

A Dog’s Separation Anxiety and Boredom Buster

Simba and I have written many times about the separation anxiety that Simba suffers especially when she was younger and Gypsy’s boredom issues.  Simba has exhibited separation anxiety through numerous different symptoms.  These included IBS, hives, destruction, uncontrollable licking the air, etc.

These are just a few pictures of my life with my GSPs.  Now we all know that GSP’s need lots and lots of exercise or they become destructive but I assure you that these guys were getting their exercise.  The destruction on Simba’s part was due to separation anxiety and for Gypsy it was and still is at times due to boredom. I am so excited about having found an item that has pretty much eliminated the destruction by these two beauties.  It is the Interactive Treat Dispensing Pet Toy.  Before I came across this magical ball, Simba would follow me to the door whining and barking.  They would both try to squeeze of the door as I tried leaving for work in the morning.  I would come back after a long day at work to find some of the above sights.  Augh!  Now, right before I head to the door I fill their Interactive Treat Dispensers.  Gypsy waits sitting up tall in the living room and Simba whines next to me because she believes it’s taking me long.  They each get their own Interactive Treat Dispensing toy.  Sometimes, Simba’s ball ends up under furniture and she impatiently leads me to it by sitting their making little yelping sounds.  I’ll walk up to her and she squats down to show me where it is.  They look forward to this time so much.  It has made leaving so much easier for me.  Yesterday I was so surprised.  I gave them their Interactive Treat Dispenser, ran out and forgot my coffee.  I cringed since I had to go back in and worried it would throw them off.  Well, it was like they didn’t even notice I had ran back in, passing right next to them.  They didn’t stop rolling around and chasing the treat dispenser around the kitchen and family room.  I have tried other treat dispensers in the past, however, after the treats were gone they would move on to chewing up the dispensing toy to pieces.  This was has lasted two years now.  It has worked so well for me that I have decided to start selling it myself and spread the word.

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DIY Dog Toys

DIY Dog Toys

Christmas is right around the corner.  If your pup is anything like mine, especially Simba, they love to open presents on Christmas along with the rest of the family. Toys don’t seem to last very long with these two.  Buying toys can get expensive so I want to share with you a couple of DIY dog toys you can make by recycling some items that you have at home.  They’re all very easy to make. First of all, go through your sock drawer.  This is a great way to put those old socks to good use.  SOCK BALL:  If I have a bunch of ankle socks, I stuff a bunch into one sock leaving 3 or 4 for the end.  After you’ve stuffed them and created a tight oblong ball, put the ball into one of the ankle socks you saved for the end. Insert it with the open side first, then insert it into the next sock again with open side going in first and continue until out of socks.  You can insert one of those squeakers Continue reading

Best Dog Toy


  Simba and Gypsy are two very active GSPs.  As all GSP owners know, this breed must get all the exercise they need daily or your home will be a war-zone. It will also look like one as told by Simba.  I recently had a full hip replacement.  There was quite a bit of planning for this big occurrence in my life.  First of all, I had to finish fencing off the backyard for Gypsy.  Simba is well behaved and also more mature than Gypsy.  Gypsy is still only 7 months old and I can’t take the chance of her puppy brain taking over and deciding to explore more ground (especially the busy street in the front of the house).  As painful as it was, I finished the fencing.  The next item was installing a doggie door so that they could now go out without needing me to get up every 30 minutes to open the door (every 5 minutes for Gypsy who likes to be controlling/annoying at times).
Installing the doggie door should have only taken ten minutes.  However, once I opened up the wall this is what I found.  Electric wiring in my way, augh.IMG_3162doggie door problem #1

The project took a couple of hours of rewiring resulting with happiness and satisfaction.


It only took Gypsy a couple of days to get comfortable with going in and out of the doggie door by herself without coaxing.  Simba on the other hand is more apprehensive and always has been.  It took her about a week of going through the door with me holding it open, on my hands and knees on the opposite side of the door with my head through the door as I pleaded with her.  An entertaining  moment for my neighbors who don’t miss anything.

I am glad they have each other to play with.  They usually do a pretty good job wearing themselves out chasing each other around and wrestling like world champions. However, since I have returned from the hospital Simba won’t leave my side.  Gypsy still comes and goes and actually enjoys spending lots of time outdoors trying to find different escape routes.  Simba has always been very intuitive and knows something’s wrong; so there’s no playing or chasing each other around going on.  My son sent us the BazooK-9 that he purchased through Amazon.  What a fantastic and fun contraption, not only for the dogs but me too.  This shoots tennis balls across two rooms with the pull of the trigger and the best part is that you don’t have to bend down to pick the balls up.  All you do is push the barrel over the ball and it scoops it up. When the ball disappears into the barrel Simba just goes insane trying to figure out where it disappeared to all the while making a funny and dramatic whimper cry. Gypsy has never gotten the jist of fetching.  She likes chasing the ball and then prancing around with it in her mouth chasing Simba back and forth who does fetch and return the ball.  They both love it and are getting quite the exercise.  They love it so much that they don’t want to stop playing making Simba whimper for a while when it’s put away.