Gypsy The Pointer’s Blog III

Gypsy The Pointer’s Blog III

Pointer And The Toilet Paper

My mum is the best. Today she left us these great toys to play with. They were white soft balls. The balls were shaped funny, they weren’t completely round but fun nonetheless. She bought 12 of them so that Simba and I didn’t fight over them. She was in such a rush put the door this morning that she left them on the counter and forgot to give them to us. It’s a good thing that I’ve grown and can reach everything on the counters. We had so much fun. These balls blew out snow stuff all over when I pounced on them and threw them around.

Pointers new toy

Oops! I was wrong, again!  Mum’s squeaky voice and fiery eyes told me so!

Gypsy The Pointer’s Blog

Gypsy The Pointer’s Blog

Remodeling The Recliner

Mum’s recliner was so boring. It was all green. No extra color whatsoever. I decided to help mum and add some splash to the recliner.

Pointer remodels recliner

She didn’t like it much when she first saw it. Actually, she behaved a bit like a child and pouted silently for hours. The next day she covered the whole recliner with the same color.  Well let me tell you, my mum is very stubborn and sometimes it takes a little effort to make her see the light.  I knew that she would like it if only she got used to it. Today when she got home from work I thought I Bored puppysaw excitement in her eyes when she saw my masterpiece. Nope, it wasn’t excitement!  When I saw Simba leave the room and take cover, I knew it was time to put myself in my crate. ?

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Puppies Misbehave

Puppies Misbehave

by Simba

GSP sisters

My puppy sister has been a handful.  I don’t know how mum has patience for her.  When she was smaller I taught her how to play with my toys.  I would bring one over to her and wiggle it over her face until she’d grab it.  Then I’d pull but she’d let go.  It took a few days to teach her the game of tug of war.  It was actually lots of fun for me to drag her around the entire living room.  She liked being dragged and learned to pull back too.  I warned her not to rip my toys because mum sends then to the hospital and they’re there for GSP dogsa long time.  With time, I felt myself get weaker and playing like this sometimes hurt.  I couldn’t drag her around the living room anymore.  Sometimes, my neck and mouth would get sore.  Mum said there wasn’t anything wrong with me, Gypsy was getting bigger and stronger.  Suddenly I noticed that mum was right.  Gypsy is as tall as I am.  I’m still a faster runner, ha!  She started to pull so hard that she dog toysstarted to rip my toys.  I would stop and tell her mum would send it to the hospital to get fixed, but she wouldn’t loosen her grip.  She thinks she can actually win.  This is what happens when you don’t play nice, injured toys laying all over the place.  Mum would pick them up shaking her head saying, “Oh no, Gypsy.  Play nice.”  At first, Gypsy would try to pull them out of mum’s hands as she picked them up.  Mum says Gypsy is real smart but I think she seems to be a little slow sometimes. The morning the toys came back from the hospital, they looked all better.  But this is what mum found when she came that afternoon.

more dog toysMum looked so disappointed.  Her voice was louder this time as she said “No Gypsy, this is not okay.”  Gypsy still tried to take them from her hand again.  Jeez, are you kidding?  She doesn’t understand human or canine talk.  Where is she from?  The toys took a while to come back this time, so Gypsy found new toys every time mum was gone for a while.  Every time mum would get home and find proof of Gyspy play sessions, her voice would get louder and angrier.

Then one day, I think Gypsy finally got it.  Because when mum walked in and exclaimed “Oh no!” Gypsy ran to her crate and didn’t come out until mum finished cleaning up and softened her voice.  Maybe, she does have some brains in that hard head of hers. Mum says she’s just a puppy and she’ll learn. When? Who knows!