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Training Not To Pull

Although the reason for pulling and what rules you must teach is the same for all dogs, some dogs are more of a challenge. My own GSP was one of those “super crazy pullers”. The thing to keep in mind … Continue reading

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My German Shorthair Pointer Brings Me A Gift

My German Shorthair Pointer Brings Me A Gift A noise in the middle of the night awakens me from a deep sleep.  Simba, my first German Shorthair Pointer, is still asleep with her heard on the pillow next to me.  … Continue reading

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How to Stop Unwanted Behavior 1. Stop focusing on correcting or punishing bad behavior. Saying “No!” or squirting your dog with water might relieve your frustration but it can maintain or worsen your dog’s bad behavior. Corrections are deceiving. They … Continue reading

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Dogs Will Be Dogs

Dogs Will Be Dogs – Gypsy in the morning watching sees me until she sees me peek. Please follow and like us:

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GROCERY DAY! Today is my favorite day of the week, groceries day!  I don’t understand why mom doesn’t get excited about groceries.  She leaves the house as if she has to go shovel cow manure.  I would not mind going … Continue reading

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Definition Of A Dog

Dogs are the most amazing creatures on earth.  They are probably the only beings that love others more than themselves.   Dogs are pure innocence.  They are not capable of betrayal, jealousy, hate, meanness, or cruelty.  They are loyal without expecting … Continue reading

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