Puppy’s First Christmas

Puppy’s First Christmas

This Christmas I had to teach Gypsy many things.  This must be this puppy’s firstPUPPY'S CHRISTMAS Christmas.  She was really good about not playing with the ornaments on the tree. However, about a week before Christmas she came home from the woof doctor with a funny looking cone thing on her head.  In her defense, she would forget about the cone when running past the tree and the cone would knock off the bottom ornaments.  She did pull my human sister’s gift out from under the tree.  I explained that was not hers; her gifts are in the stockings hanging from the fireplace.  She is still too short to feel the stockings for presents but she watched me as I poked each one and pointed out which ones were ours.  On Christmas Eve we got to open our presents one by

one.  Mum would give Gypsy her present to unwrap and then she would give me mine.  As soon as Gypsy saw mum hand me my present, she would drop her wrapped present and run over to take my wrapped present away.  Mum chased her around trying to get it back but that made Gypsy run faster.  I would open my present and then go over to show Gypsy how to unwrap hers.  Gypsy was more interested in playing with all the great toys that I had already unwrapped than unwrapping her presents.  I love unwrapping presents so I unwrapped them for her.  We spent the next hour playing tug-o-war with all our Christmas presents.  Having a little sister isn’t so bad sometimes.



A Tree Growing In Our Car

Mommy was busy pulling plants out of the front yard.  I don’t understand her sometimes.  She brings home plants and digs them into the yard but then she spends all this time pulling plants out of the yard.  Does she want plants or not?  She calls them weeds.  They grow so nice and strong and they grow everywhere!  You would think she would be happy to have so many plants because then she doesn’t need to dig new ones into the dirt.  It must be a human thing.  Suddenly I look over at our car and… A TREE IS GROWING IN MY SEAT!  I can’t believe my eyes.  I slowly approach the open window spying for Tree In My Seatmovement.  No movement.  I cautiously raise myself up so I can see inside.  Yup it’s a tree growing in the car.  I try to alert mommy but she thinks I want to go for a ride.  “Not now.” she says as she continues to pull out plants.  She must not know about the tree growing in our car.  I needTree Still There her to look up!  I stay on guard at the car window making sure the tree doesn’t take the car for a ride and I keep wincing.  “Maybe later, I need to finish this up” she calls out without looking up.  I guarded the car standing on my hind legs for A Tree!what seemed like forever in doggie years (15 minutes in human time).  Then mommy Treefinally looked up wondering why I was being so stubborn and she started to laugh.  She said I was being silly as she walked over she didn’t seem alarmed to see a big tree growing in the car.  She opened the car door,Car Ride pulled it out and reassured me that it everything was okay.  I guess it must have been another weed.  Later that afternoon we finally went for a ride and my seat was weed free.  Thanks mom.